WRECKAGE #61 poster – 50x70 cm


WRECKAGE #61 poster – 50x70 cm

395.00 495.00

Original exhibition poster designed by Casper Sølberg.

  • 50x70 cm.
  • 4-colour offset print.
  • High-quality silk off-set paper.
  • Unframed – but fits in most standard frame systems
  • Shipped in a poster tube for protection.

DKK 495,- / € 65

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+ About the Wreckage Photos

The Wreckage Project consists of more than 200 unique images taken by danish artist Casper Sølberg over a period of more than 10 years. All images are untouched by the artist and shot with out artificial lighting. The Wreckage Photos has been exhibited in both Denmark and Germany.

+ About Casper Sølberg

Casper Sølberg is a danish painter and art photographer. He lives and works in Skanderborg, Denmark. Educated in Art History and visual communication. Casper Sølberg has done exhibitions in both Denmark and Germany.

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