Fact Sheet


Casper Sølberg

Painter / Photo Artist / Visual designer

Born: 1970

Education: Master in Art History and visual communication

Studio: Lives and works in Skanderborg, Denmark.

2006– : The Wreckage Project

Began The Wreckage Project autumn 2006 on a vacation in Skallerup, Denmark. Started exhibiting in 2009 and went on to Germany in 2012. The series has had several visual expressions due to the long period it is developed over.



2009– : Paintings

Began painting (again) in winter 2009. Placed a skull on a table, set a light on and came up with absolutely nothing. In the next painting I gave the skull eyes and stage freight and it all took on from there. I paint in very intense periods of time and just love the moment where the skulls takes over and paints its own painting.

2002– : Snapshot photography 

Bought a Leica camera in 2002 and since then I have been taking photographs on a regular basis. I don't set out to do something spectacular but often just shoots what triggers my eyes. But once in a while I get lucky and some everyday scenery just has something interesting to it.


Grains 005.jpg

2009-: The Grains Series 

The Grains series started out on a windsurfing trip to Kjul in Hirtshals, Denmark. I found myself on the beach running around in my wetsuit stepping on the most amazing sand patterns.